Big back tires have always been the telltale sign of a true ground pounder.

In some cars, erectile it’s easy to stuff the back-end full of rubber without resorting to reconstructive surgery (tubs, cialis moving springs, unhealthy moving frame rails and so on). In others, not so. A good example of a wheel well-restricted car is the1970 Chevy Nova shown in the accompanying photos. Sure, big rubber could fit if the wheel wells were carved out, but it’s also possible to get some big tires under the back without any real drama. You just have to determine how much “tire” can actually fit within the existing wheel well without creating interference on the inside or the lip.

The big factor in running larger tires is getting the right backspace wheels. Summit Racing offers 117,000 different wheel items. You have many choices, but you have to get it right the first time as most shops simply won’t accept an exchange if the wheels show any signs of mounting (can you blame them?).

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