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“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants” – Sir Isaac Newton

Having this in mind and greatly inspired by the inventive design of the Megola, five German engineers from Munich.

Who began an ambitious attempt to build something very dear to them and deliver a far better and improved version of a German front-wheel-engine motorcycle produced in Munich in the 1920s.

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This guy doesn’t have a ramps, so he decide to unload his bike without them, he got very creative.

So here is one example how to unload your bike if you lack ramps.

Scroll down to watch the video!!!!

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I can hardly believe I’m saying this, but a year ago yesterday, I saw my custom GT-Motobike, “The Little Rat,” for the first time.

In that year, I’ve put 2,100 miles on my Rat, and hauled her the exact same distance across the country to live in a new city. I’ve ridden her in the blazing heat, and in the pouring rain (though not on purpose!).

I’ve found a new hobby that helps me find sanity, balance and confidence. And I’ve met many amazing people who have supported me, educated me, and helped me along my journey.

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There are vintage motorcycle owners and enthusiasts all over the world, but perhaps the largest density of fans of those stalwart steeds from yesteryear live in the UK. The UK’s first vintage motorcycle club started way back in the 1940s, which might have something to do with the widespread love for motorcycle heritage, whether you see it as a cause or a symptom of motorcycle mania. The careful and reverent preservation of the old machines creates fecund conditions for those who would cultivate and curate collections. The UK has several general history museums and transportation museums with good vintage bike collections, but today we will cover those that focus on motorcycles. Here are five great choices if you want to visit a vintage motorcycle museum in the UK.

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CHICAGO — After years of working out of random garages, two brothers have opened a custom motorcycle shop on Chicago’s Near West Side — and are gaining international attention for their one-of-a-kind rides.

Michael and Peter Müller have moved Federal Moto, a custom motorcycle shop where they revamp vintage rides, into the Industrial Council of Near-west Chicago’s small business incubator west of Fulton Market. The shop is the first of it’s kind in the city, Peter Müller said, and the brothers hope it will give them room to grow the hobby into a full-time business.

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Can you picture yourself cruising the boulevard on this amazing and custom 1961 Harley-Davidson XLCH Sportster? Well, dreams can become a reality because the VVMC (Venice Vintage Motorcycle Club) out of Venice Beach, California is raffling off this bike at their 9th Annual VVMC Rally on Saturday, September 17th.

The Custom 1961 Harley-Davidson XLCH Sportster is dubbed the White Lightning. It has been fully restored and features a few of custom bits.

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The thing that we love about chopper motorcycle builds is that just about everything on a custom chopper like this comes either from a different bike or from scratch.
This particular chopper, “the Grim Reaper” comes together nicely with a slew of custom work that makes this bike unlike any other on the street!
From the custom frame and engine setup to the incredibly eye-catching green paint job, this bike demands attention, no matter who the audience is!

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We only wish we were nearly as cool as this Biker toddler – this folks is a glimpse at the next generation of bikers. He’s got a badass chopper motorcycle and the coolest motorcycle gear with his little skull mask, his Harley Davidson do-rag, his little helmet, and his little biker jeans! He’s the cutest little biker ever!

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Epic mud Race Fail

American pro road racer Josh Herrin has achieved a lot of success in his career, having just signed with Meen Motorsports for a ride in the MotoAmerica Motul Superbike class in 2017.

However, even Herrin had difficulty trying to find a way by eight-year-old Kcray Yaakov when she made a trip to the Herrin Compound in Dublin, Georgia, this winter on her Kawasaki USA KLX110.


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