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At this year’s Milan Motorcycle Show, BMW Motorrad revealed a peek at their most exclusive motorcycle they’ve ever created.

Being called the BMW HP4 RACE, this new motorcycle will be created by hand in a very exclusive limited series. BMW Motorrad wasn’t sure just how much the prototype shown at the show would reflect what the final product would look like, but the revealing press release notes it will be incredibly similar.

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2 year old motorcycle racer on a minibike goes against a 4 year old go-kart driver in this cool race for the ages.

As a kid, you probably wanted to have your own go-kart to driver it around or to ride a pocket bike; however, few of us had parents that could afford something like that.

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The good ol’ boys down at Mud Stamp Films put out some GREAT mud truck and mud bog videos! And, this one of their Enormous Mega Mud Truck towing a less than enormous mega mud truck to the local mud bog and then letting both of their mud mega trucks loose in the mud bog is one of the greatest videos these mud-loving boys and gals have ever put together!


If you did not read any of this description you could very well be forgiven for believing that the 6×6 mud truck in this video was a full sized mud truck rocking and rolling through some ipic muddy terrain.

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This is the Sick 50. It has rightfully achieved boss status. It’s loaded with a blown alcohol injected 540 big block engine, a killer red and black color scheme, matte black spoke rims, a nice throwback of a grille, two and a half ton axles and a turbo 400 transmission.

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Image credits: SuperBalita Cebu/Facebook

Habal-Habal Driver Saved Coins For 8 Months, Buys New Motorcycle

Habal-Habal Driver Saved Coins – A ‘habal-habal’ driver saved coins for 8 months just to buy a brand new motorcycle goes viral on social media and now inspires people the power of saving money.

Jeffrey Catayas from Barangay Tisa, Cebu City in the Visayas, is a driver of a ‘habal-habal’ – a kind motorcycle that was modified to allow more passengers to ride without having a sidecar.

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Speeding with a prestige motorcycle is one of the popular hobbies for the wealth. They’re proud to ride a fastest motorcycle and go anywhere with it. Usually the fastest motorcycle in the world has the same synonym as the most expensive motorcycle in the world. Maybe you want to own one and feel the rise of your adrenaline when you’re on high speed in a motorcycle. Let’s take a look at those fastest motorcycle and see how fast they can run

10. Ducati 1098s: 169 mph (271 km/h)

This fast motorcycle was an innovation of Ducati from Italy. It’s using L-Twin Cylinder Engine with 4 valver for each cylinder with Desmodromic and liquid cooled. The top speed that can be reached by this motorcycle is 169 mph (271 km/h) while the power of this Ducati can reach 119.3 kW (160.0 bhp) @ 9750 rpm. This Ducati 1098s is using 6 speed chain transmissions.

9. BMW K 1200 S: 174 mph (278 km/h)

This cool motorcycle is manufactured by BMW. It’s using 16 valves with 4 cylinder. The engine is DOHC, horizontal in-line and liquid cooled. The top speed that can be reached by this motorcycle is 174 mph (278 km/h). You can expect this motorcycle to produce 164.94 horsepower (120.4 kW) @ 10250 RPM. The transmission used by this fast motorcycle is 6 speed manual transmission.

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In the distant future, motorcycle riders will have no need of helmets or padded clothing. They also won’t need to put their feet on the ground when they stop. That’s because, according to BMW, the motorcycle of the future will balance itself and will help the driver avoid crashes.

BMW, which is famous for motorcycles as well as cars, unveiled a new concept motorcycle in California Tuesday. The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 offers a glimpse at what, BMW designers predict, motorcycles might be like decades from now. Basically, they’ll offer all of the excitement of today’s bikes, but none of the danger.


So, you like hardware startups? Well here’s one that may have enormous implications in a market where motorcycles make up more than half the vehicles on the road. Express Bike Wash, an India-based automated motorcycle washing machine that’s been testing the waters in Indonesia since April, just announced a round of funding.

Mark Mobius, an emerging markets fund manager at Franklin Templeton Investments, invested in Express Bike Wash India earlier this year. Express Bike Wash Indonesia, a sister entity of Express Bike Wash India, recently raised angel investment from Edmund Tan, co-founder at Crowd Source Asia. The amount is undisclosed, and in the past, the company also took money from Ah Ventures in India.

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Honda’s Motorcycle Won’t Fall Over – How Honda Riding Assist Works

Honda’s latest motorcycle technology, Honda Riding Assists, helps to prevent the bike from falling over at low speeds. A drive by wire system operates the front steering fork, which also extends out at low speeds to alter the bike’s trail length. By electronically turning the front wheel left or right, the bike maintains its upright balance.

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