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Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, search running Honda (CES) is a self-balancing motorcycle offered. This technique has been used to Assist Riding. The motorcycle itself and the technique provides the ability to balance itself. So this bike does not need to stand to stand. Bike front fork back and forth so that the front wheel balance bike is automatic.


The motorcycle to run the sugarcane juice machine

In this video clip you can watch motorcycle to run the sugarcane juice machine. this is a very amazing and funny video clip . i full hope you full enjoy this video clip . so watch this video clip and enjoy it .Thanks for watching this video clip .
i full hope you like this video clip. if you like this video clip kindly shear this video clip with your own friends i hope your all friends like this video clip. Thanks for watching this video clip .

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The 10 Best Motorcycle Rides in Canada is a cumulative snap shot of the best rides one can do on a motorcycle.

We have spent the last 6 years riding thousands of kilometres in search of Canada’s best.

Canada is the second largest country in the world and you will find no fewer than 415, tadalafil 000 kilometres of paved blacktop to ride.

In Canada we expect you will find more than one road to your liking.

Whether it be dipping your tires in the Pacific Ocean close enough to touch an old growth rain forest on Western Canada’s Vancouver Island or listening to your engine work overtime as you climb the highest paved road in Canada, Alberta’s Highwood Pass, you will be rewarded.


As a youngster I was fascinated with cruiser bikes, the Enfields, the Harleys and the men who rode it.

Be it the middle aged groupies of Wild Hogs or The Undertaker in his American Badass avatar (Keep on Rollin!) or the Terminator 2 baddie. V-twins and desi Royal Enfields were always dream machines.

Men riding such bikes are not strange or rare but women riding them is surely a strange sight in India. But that’s not the case in America though!

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BMW‘s motorcycle designers went back to the future when creating the Vision Next 100 concept motorcycle, whose triangular frame layout, absence of suspension and low-slung horizontal power unit are all tributes to the original BMW motorcycle, the R32 of 1932.

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A new name in rugged, off-road camping trailers, UGOAT – that’s Utility Go-anywhere Off-road Adventure Trailer – lets its military roots shine. Made by a trio of marines, UGOAT’s versatile, Swiss Army-inspired “multi-trailers” put military surplus supplies to work supporting recreational off-road expeditions. They’re tough, modular and ready for virtually anything.

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Amazing vehicle with big tires that can run over the water and ice.


Night falls, link drawing yet another day of the fighting to a close. You lean your head back against the Ram Rebel TRX Concept’s headrest and close your eyes, lulled by the engine’s grumble. You loosen up the six-point harness slightly. It’s safe, but it makes it hard to reach for your gun.

The 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi has always been a source of comfort for you. Especially now, packed behind the face of a half-ton pickup outfitted for war. There’s more than 13 inches of wheel travel at all four corners, with front and rear bypass shocks for improved response and damping.

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We started talking about the next-generation Ford Raptor as soon as Ford let the cat out of the bag and haven’t stopped since—and we probably won’t for some time. The latest news from Ford is its dirt-eating F-150 will be sold in China beginning in 2017.

With the EcoBoost-powered pickup’s debut at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show, shop the Chinese market just got a lot more capable. The Raptor was built with tackling some of the most extreme terrain in mind, viagra so with the vast landscape across the huge expanse that is China, malady the Raptor should be right at home. Ford is happy to bring Chinese customers one of its best accomplishments. Global Chief Program Engineer Jamal Hameedi says, “We are thrilled to offer our customers in China the chance to experience new levels of off-road performance with the all-new F-150 Raptor.” We’re betting Chinese consumers are even more excited.

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The BMW X5 is advertised as off-road capable, price but come on—you’d have to do something crazy like hacking all of the bumpers off for steel tubes. Throw a cage in there. Tires like dragonskin and, wait, no, some dude actually did that.

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