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AVON, cheap Ind. (WISH) — A new feature at an Avon park has radio controlled vehicle enthusiasts traveling from all over central Indiana to try it out.

A track specifically for RC vehicles is now open and gaining a lot of attention at Avon Town Hall Park. Town officials say TRAK 36 is the only free and public track of it’s kind in Hendricks County and most of central Indiana. A temporary one proved popular at an RC festival last year, inspiring the permanent version. Now, many are hoping to organize races and more events at the track.

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In the world of remote control, see almost anything is possible. We’ve seen some crazy things scaled down and this time, see we check out more of the same!

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Amazing Cruise on Snow with Homemade All-Terrain Vehicle Tracks

Would you like to take a cruise on snow checkout with this cool homemade ATV tracks.

No doubt the craftsman of this mechanic baby has some super engineering skills!

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So you have an ATV ? That’s nice, now check out this ridiculous bad boy. its like a tank ATV, I think even Iron man would be Jealous.



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