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You’d think that with as many true-to-life production and custom motorcycles as we see, concept bikes wouldn’t be on our radar much. And that’s absolutely true, except for when something truly stunning crosses our path. That’s exactly the case with this Koenigsegg Bike 1090 Concept Motorcycle by 3D designer Maksim Burov.

Paring down the hypercar brand’s signature style is something that Maksim Burov is familiar with, as he’s actually made a couple in the past. This one, however, features a measure of realism that gives us hope we might actually see something like it on the road in the future. There’s no available specifications, but we can gather from the low streetfighter-like stance, Goodyear racing-style tires, and Borla performance exhaust that this bike is built to do one thing very well: go fast. We can only hope that the Swedes over at Koenigsegg take notice of this stellar 2-wheeler concept.

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Ask any off roader, and he’ll tell you about how parts break when you go off the road. Even purpose-built off road vehicles suffer more wear and tear, and need additional maintenance.

Adventurous off road drive with Jeep

Jeep connected us from the rough terrains of Nelliyampathy to a normal road. The ride was just awesome and only a Jeep can do the trick. Watch the video and enjoy the ride!

Video – iflythis ,  Biju Muthathil

Mahindra and Mahindra Limited (M&M) is an Indian multinational automobile manufacturing corporation headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is one of the largest vehicle manufacturers by production in India and the largest manufacturer of tractors in the world. It is a part of Mahindra Group, an Indian conglomerate.

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BMW has unveiled a slew of concept vehicles to mark its 100th birthday, but its fourth and last example might be the most daring. Its new Motorrad Vision Next 100 concept motorcycle would supposedly be so smart that you wouldn’t need a helmet, or even a padded suit. The key would be a self-balancing system that keeps the bike upright whether or not you’re moving — newcomers wouldn’t have to worry about toppling over, and veterans could push limits further than usual.

Also, notice the absence of the usual space for an instrument cluster? That’s because you wouldn’t need it. Most information would instead display through a smart visor that shows data as it becomes relevant. All told, you’d spend more time enjoying open air driving and less time worrying about your speed or range (BMW will only say that this is a “zero-emission” bike, but it’d likely be electric).

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Night falls, link drawing yet another day of the fighting to a close. You lean your head back against the Ram Rebel TRX Concept’s headrest and close your eyes, lulled by the engine’s grumble. You loosen up the six-point harness slightly. It’s safe, but it makes it hard to reach for your gun.

The 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi has always been a source of comfort for you. Especially now, packed behind the face of a half-ton pickup outfitted for war. There’s more than 13 inches of wheel travel at all four corners, with front and rear bypass shocks for improved response and damping.

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Big back tires have always been the telltale sign of a true ground pounder.

In some cars, erectile it’s easy to stuff the back-end full of rubber without resorting to reconstructive surgery (tubs, cialis moving springs, unhealthy moving frame rails and so on). In others, not so. A good example of a wheel well-restricted car is the1970 Chevy Nova shown in the accompanying photos. Sure, big rubber could fit if the wheel wells were carved out, but it’s also possible to get some big tires under the back without any real drama. You just have to determine how much “tire” can actually fit within the existing wheel well without creating interference on the inside or the lip.

The big factor in running larger tires is getting the right backspace wheels. Summit Racing offers 117,000 different wheel items. You have many choices, but you have to get it right the first time as most shops simply won’t accept an exchange if the wheels show any signs of mounting (can you blame them?).

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ONE WOMAN, <a href=pill ONE MOTORCYCLE, vialis 40mg ONE YEAR, ONE RECORD” width=”486″ height=”344″ />

On the morning of Sept. 19, 2014, with her remaining possessions strapped to a 2006 Triumph Bonneville named “Amelia,” Lynn fiddled with her SPOT tracker, which wouldn’t connect to the satellite. That was more than an inconvenience.

One of the goals of her ride around the United States was to break the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous motorcycle journey in one country, so the SPOT was an important accessory to document her trip. After a delay of two and a half hours and a call to tech support, she rode 130 miles to Tucson and made her first gas stop. Lynn exited the station and traveled a mile before she realized that she’d left behind her backpack, which contained her wallet, camera, computer and, yes, the SPOT tracker.

If Danell Lynn had viewed the two incidents as ominous signs, then her trip may have ended the day it started. But Lynn sees the opportunities that can arise from mistakes and failures. When people along the way asked her why she was spending one year on the road she replied, “Why not?” The deciding factor on taking the trip was when she knew that “yes” was the answer to the question, “Would I regret not doing this?”

This weekend, Lynn’s ride, titled “Black Tie 2 Black Top — 1 woman, 1 bike, 1 year, which took her through all 50 states and Canada primarily via secondary roads, came to an end. With more than 52,000 miles logged in the 365 days, Lynn will most certainly break the record, which currently stands at 23,760 miles, set by Manigandan Manjunathan of India. Lynn still has a mountain of paperwork and data to submit to Guinness and the entire mileage won’t be counted, since the GWR rules state that the motorcycle can’t be transported via boat, plane, etc. and can’t enter another country, which is why Lynn saved Alaska and Hawaii for the end.

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