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H-D’s new aggressive Softail

The new Softail line brings the elimination of the Dyna family as well as a revamping of the previous version of the Softail family. Now rocking a new chassis, Milwaukee-Eight motors, and an upgraded suspension including a monoshock, the 2018 Softails are a whole new breed.

“The Fat Bob is surely the sportiest bike in Harley-Davidson’s lineup, but that doesn’t mean I would call it sporty. The suspension is nice and taut (though jarring for me on our short freeway stint), and the cornering clearance is better than on anything else currently available from the brand, but the riding experience reminds me of my first time riding the Sportster Forty-Eight.”

Sean MacDonald of Cycle World

The new Fat Bob is by far the most aggressively designed model in the family. The Fat Bob is one of the Softails that can be ordered in either the 107 or 114 M-8engines. The starting price for the new Fat Bob is $16,999.






Harley-Davidson has revealed the 2018 Breakout internationally. The bike is already on sale in global markets. It gets a host of updates and modern equipment as well. We could see the company getting it to India towards the end of 2017 or early 2018.

Harley-Davidson has introduced the 2018 Breakout globally

The Bar & Shield brand recently revealed its complete 2018 line-up. Almost all the Harley-Davidson bikes have been given subtle tweaks and updates. While we have already told you about the CVO line-up and the 2018 models, the company also revealed the 2018 Breakout. The 2018 Breakout gets a host of updates such as a new headlamp and a part digital part analogue instrument console as well. Apart from these, the bike gets a host of mechanical changes as well. The first is the new 114 engine which displaces 1,868 cc and makes 161 Nm of peak torque (Harley-Davidson does not disclose the power outputs of its motorcycles). The bike also has a counter-balancer which negates the vibrations Harleys are synonymous with. The company also says that the 2018 Breakout gets a new frame with almost 50 per cent lesser components and that in turn results in weight savings by up to 34 per cent. The new Breakout weighs 293 kg while the older model weighed 320 kg.

(2018 Harley-Davidson Breakout)

This also makes the 2018 Breakout quicker off the mark and helps in lesser roll-on times as well. The list of changes doesn’t end here. The new bike also gets better shock absorbers and more wheel travel. The rear shock absorbers have been swapped out for a new under-seat spring unit, which keeps the hard-tail look of the bike intact.

While the bike has already been launched in USA, there is no word on Harley-Davidson bringing the same to India anytime soon. Having said that, the older Breakout model has been on sale in India for over a year and half now! We could expect Harley to bring the 2018 Breakout to India towards the end of 2017.


It’s a less than ideal situation that many families go through—being apart from loved ones for months or even years at a time can be difficult; add to that the additional responsibilities of making payments, maintaining the household, and taking care of two children all by yourself.

For Jamie Walters, it was daily life while her husband was deployed overseas.

Christopher Walters had left his motorcycle in a rented space at Reiman’s Harley-Davidson dealership in Illinois, and his wife Jamie was in charge of making payments while he was away.

But Jamie struggled and missed some payments. And although she was embarrassed, she sent the dealership a check along with a note apologizing for the delay and explaining that her husband had been deployed overseas.

When the owner of the dealership read the letter he immediately said “For God’s sake, send that back to her.”

Along with the check, Packee sent her a letter that read:

“Dear Christopher and Jamie

“Enclosed you will find the check you mailed to us regarding the account of Christopher. It is the policy of Reiman’s Harley-Davidson to waive storage fees for our active-duty service members who are deployed. It is our honor to keep your bike safe and secure while you provide us with our freedoms. We hope you return to us safe and sound. Until that time, we will store your bike at no charge to you. This our way of saying “Thank you” for your service to our country.”

The letter left the military wife in tears, who then shared it on Facebook and has since gone viral. Her Facebook post touched the hearts of many who even flooded the dealership with calls expressing her gratitude for his kind Packee’s kind actions.

Packee said storing motorcycles of those overseas has always been a longtime policy of the dealership. “It’s just a little space in our building,” Packee said. “They’re giving a lot more than we’re giving them.”

Watch the video below:


(Image Credit: Harley-Davidson)

Last week we heard Harley-Davidson had completely revamped its core cruiser line with eight all-new Softail bikes for the 2018 model year. I’m riding almost every variant this week with some of the people who made them, so get your questions in now!

Scroll through our introductory post to see what the Breakout, Fat Boy, Fat Bob, Street Bob, Lowrider, Deluxe, Heritage and Slim are all about. But the short story is, each machine shares a common rear-monoshock platform and a Milwaukee-8 big twin engine.

That powerplant will be a 107 cubic inch (1,753 cc) as standard equipment in all eight of Harley’s Softails, with a 114 (1,868 cc) as an upgrade option on a few.

I’ll have a few write-ups and shakedowns of what these different engines and Softail variants really feel like soon. But while I take notes and have access to the people who designed and engineered these things, let me know what you want to know and I’ll try to get your question answered.

socal sun’s about to turn this into a bird-melting laser emitter #harleydavidson

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Meanwhile, most of the basic specs and proportions can be found pretty easily on Harley’s website.


Leaked information about the 2018 Harley-Davidson range shows that the Milwaukee-Eight engine is to spread across the entire Dyna and Softail lines next year.

Launched in the firm’s 2017 trike and Touring models, the Milwaukee-Eight is one of the biggest steps in Harley-Davidson engine history.

An all-new engine, it combines traditional elements like the 45-degree V-angle and pushrod valve actuation with modern technology.

It has four valves per cylinder and some ‘Twin-Cooled’ versions have water-cooled cylinder heads.

For the 2018 Harley-Davidson range there will be three sizes of Milwaukee-Eight. The basic version is a 92hp, 1746cc unit and its name, ‘107’, reflects its capacity in cubic inches.

There’s also an 1868cc, 101hp ‘114’ version and a 105hp, 1923cc ‘117’ derivative.
The bikes in the Dyna and Softail range currently use Harley’s Twin Cam V-twin in 1688cc ‘103’ or 1802cc ‘110’ form.

They will all switch to the new engines. Most will get the 107 version of the Milwaukee-Eight.

Bikes getting the Milwaukee-Eight will include the Breakout, Softail Deluxe, Fat Boy, Heritage Softail Classic, Low Rider, Softail Slim, Fat Boy, Street Bob and Fat Bob.
As well as spreading its new engine across the Softail and Dyna ranges, Harley will add to its ‘S-Series’ line up next year.

These will be higher-spec versions of various bikes. At the moment, Harley sells three ‘S-Series’ machines – the Low Rider S, Softail Slim S and Fat Boy S. Next year there will also be the Breakout S and Heritage Classic S.

These are expected to have the larger, 1868cc ‘114’ version of the Milwaukee-Eight. An additional new model, the Fat Bob 114, will also use the larger engine. It will be sold alongside the normal, 107cu in Fat Bob.

Having started business in 1903, 2018 also represents Harley’s 115th anniversary. As a result the firm will launch a range of Anniversary-branded models to celebrate. The range will include the Breakout S Anniversary, Fat Boy S Anniversary, Tri Glide Ultra Anniversary, Heritage Classic S Anniversary, CVO Ultra Limited Anniversary and Ultra Limited Anniversary.

There will also be two special versions of the Fat Boy S; the Anniversary V and Anniversary X. While we know the names of these bikes, we don’t have information on their specifications.

The CVO models will be the only versions with the largest, 117 cu in version of the Milwaukee-Eight.

Harley will probably officially reveal its 2018 range towards the end of August.


Jedi Customs are back with this beautifully built Harley-Davidson Street 750, looking more like a cafe racer. This heavily customized Street 750 belongs to Sarthak Jadhav of Kohlapur. The high level of trust in Jedi Customs was kept alive through this beautiful transformation by the modifiers. They kept the engine in stock condition and hence, one could expect more thrill from the powerful motor with all-new position and premium components. The front headlight lost its cover but remained the stock Harley unit.

Looking slightly down, one will notice the use of premium USD forks that are much thicker than stock suspension and perfectly going well with its cafe racer personality. The tyre used here is almost double in thickness and hence, you get more ground clearance on this typical Street 750. Jedi Customs added another disc brake for effective braking on the motorcycle.

Curves from Street 750 were lost as a cafe racer design fuel tank was used in place of the huge Harley tank. Alloy wheels made way for the spoke rims while ribbed, brown finished seat raised the character further up by one level. Paioli dual shocks from RE Continental GT were used for better suspension promise on this Custom Harley.



The Harley Davidson bikes will be customized for the use of the police force and will mostly be used for ceremonial purposes.

Police said Harley-Davidson Street 750 has been added as it is a lot faster than Royal Enfield. (Photo: Siddharth Safaya/News18.com)

Kolkata: Kolkata Police, which has so far relied on the trusty Royal Enfield, are now adding Harley Davidson to their fleet. The bikes will be customized for the use of the police force and will mostly be used for ceremonial purposes. They will be the second police force to receive Harleys. Back in 2015, Gujarat Police had added Harley motorcycles to its fleet.

For starters, Kolkata Police have bought five Harley Davidsons Street 750s. The bikes will only be able to seat one rider as it has been fitted with pillion seat cowls. Saddlebags, flashers and sirens have also been added. They’ve also been given new graphics and stickers as well as a Kolkata Police emblem on the windscreen and will have built-in radios to communicate with the control room.

Solomon Nesakumar, DCP Traffic and himself an avid biker, said the reason for the addition is that the Harleys are a lot faster. While the Royal Enfield goes from 0-100 kph in 16 seconds, the 750 can do it in about 6.17 seconds.

“We have bought five ‘Harley Davidsons Street 750’ for ceremonial and piloting purpose. On Tuesday, during Independence Day’s ceremonial parade, we exhibited them for the first time on Red Road in Kolkata,” he said.

The DCP said that all the bikes have been stationed at the police headquarters at Lalbazaar. “We bought it because we need to update our infrastructure in this fast changing global scenario. All bikes are customized as per our requirement,” he said.

Kolkata Commissioner of Police, Rajeev Kumar said, “This is a welcome move from our department and in future there are other plans to improve our infrastructure to serve people with utmost care. Initially we have decided to use these bikes for VIP patrolling and ceremonial purpose.”


Harley-Davidson Road King Special

Let the games begin! Or shall we say, continue… Harley-Davidson’s empire is built on the thoughtful and stylish riffing on its visually malleable platforms.

Enter the 2017.5 Harley-Davidson Road King Special, a darker, more sinister take on the classic, 1950s-inspired standard Road King.

First thing you’ll notice is the deletion of most chrome, from that great big headlight nacelle and down to the powertrain, with just a few choice bits remaining on the engine.

“We took as much chrome and as much of the ’50s era DNA off the motorcycle and add as much contemporary DNA as we could,” said Brad Richards, successor to Willie G. Davidson and head of styling and design. “That meant dark finishes, that meant debadging the front fender; we added stretched bags to try to get the rear of the bike to appear to be lower to the ground. Then we removed the windshield and added the mini ape hangar.”

Harley-Davidson Road King Special

The stretched saddlebags do lend a longer and lower look, and their use here is the first appearance of these special parts outside of the CVO line. But to further accentuate the lowness, the Road King Special is actually lowered slightly, by use of the same “low-profile” rear suspension used on Street Glide Special and Road Glide Special.

“The Road King is our biggest bike without a fairing and it’s a really unique riding experience,” Richards says. “You kind of feel like you’re on a locomotive with that big nacelle kind of haunching out over the front wheel. The visceral experience of riding the bike is really unique, and it’s pure Road King. Through redesigning the bike we got invigorated about the Road King again and we wanted to strip FL back down to its essence.”

“Pure Road King” really is a thing. It’s the lightest FL and really is a dramatically different ride even than a Street Glide. FL is also the most comfortable and capable chassis Harley-Davidson offers, particularly with the new dual-bending valve fork and new shocks that debuted in 2017 on the Milwaukee-Eight-powered bikes.

Harley-Davidson Road King Special

Like the “Specials” that came before it, Street Glide and Road Glide, the Road King Special takes a swing at the hot-rod bagger segment and in the process looks to extend the “core of the core buyer” demographic for the Road King to a “more youthful demographic.”

“When we started talking about this project inside the studio we were really excited about what we could get away with and what we could do with the FL platform to make it appeal to the younger rider,” Richards says. “So we started talking about very graphic, bold, but rather simple colorways with the bike and proportions.”

There is but one set of badges on the bodywork: The Harley-Davidson affixed to each side of the tank. There are no waterslide graphics or any other badges on the bike. That is, except on the engine, where engine-turned inserts were used on the air-cleaner-cover insert, the timing-cover insert, and the gauge console to visually tie those elements together.

Harley-Davidson Road King Special

One of the parts from the extensive H-D bin is the 18-inch multispoke rear wheel taken from the chopper-inspired Breakout. The design team then set out to make a 19-inch, 19-spoke front to complement it. It’s no 30-incher…but the 19 works well with the low-profile fender to give a custom look.

Power comes from a standard 107-cubic-inch Milwaukee Eight V-twin, again, the only alteration being it’s the first of the all-new powerplants to get blacked out.

Harley-Davidson Road King Special

Now more than ever, Harley-Davidson is courting the younger rider, and the Road Glide and Street Glide Specials have appealed to not only a younger demographic, but a more diverse group of customers than the more traditional product offerings. “Street Glide Special is the number one selling bike to young adult, to women, to African American, to Hispanic riders,” says Paul James, product portfolio manager. “It is our most popular bike and it leads in every customer segment because it has a very strong appeal across a spectrum of owners. But overall we expect the Road King Special customer will be younger, like that of the Street Glide Special.”

Harley-Davidson Road King Special

Harley-Davidson is highly focused on “voice of customer” and follows customizing trends very closely. So it’s no surprise it admits inspiration for the Road King Special flows in from the streets. “We aren’t doing anything necessarily totally new here, but we are reflecting what customers are doing and giving them an awesome starting point for a lot of people,” Richards says. “We wanted to create a great canvas for customization,” Richards adds. “If you took a standard Road King with all the chrome and the whitewalls and the doodads and do what we did with this motorcycle, you would really be set back financially as well as timewise. We wanted to give that younger customer who wants to reinvent herself or himself on an FL in a darker more sinister kind of fashion a huge head start.”

Richards’ final thought? “To me, what’s so powerful about the bike when you see it is its simplicity.”

The Olive Gold pictured has an MSRP of $22,449, as does Charcoal Denim; Vivid Black is $21,999; and Hard Candy Custom Hot Rod Red Flake is $24,399.

Harley-Davidson Road King Special

Harley-Davidson Road King Special

Harley-Davidson Road King Special

Harley-Davidson Road King Special

Harley-Davidson Road King Special

Harley-Davidson Road King Special

Harley-Davidson Road King Special

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