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2Have a look at this insane video of Ronnie Renner and all of his friends jumping all of the biggest jumps in Ocotillo Wells! This awesome footage including the aerial images have all been provided courtesy of GoPro. This looks like such an awesome motorcross course we would love to ride it!.



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For some bikers, winter riding is simply not an option. For them, the bike goes into hibernation in the garage, protected by a thick layer of grease and covered by a tarpaulin until the spring shoots appear.
But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right kit, a little common sense, and some minor changes in your riding style, you can carry on riding safely through all but the worst of the winter weather.
Riding anytime of the year demands caution, however winter in particular can be treacherous. Almost half of Britain’s motorcyclists say that riding on icy, winter roads is one of the worst aspects of motorcycling. Below are some helpful hints together with a list of the common hazards that bikers may face during the winter months.


If you are  looking for a change in design of Motorcycles, cure you don’t want to miss the Renard GT Motor from Estland.

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It often happens that when someone who wants to buy a motorcycle ask their friends, clinic colleagues, medicine family members about good choices for their first motorcycle. Many things should be considered while buying a motorcycle. Do not get carried away with the looks, sildenafil it will not suit your needs, expectations and lifestyle. The following are some tips for you to help you choose your first motorcycle.

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Once moving, clinic a heavy motorcycle doesn’t feel so big, salve but at slow speeds and in tight spots, for sale it can be a real handful.

Have you ever seen riders on big Harleys wobbling through slow traffic or trying to execute a u-turn by paddling with their feet on the ground, then suddenly stopping and dropping the bike?

I know I’ve done it and I’ve seen it happen on many occasions.

Yet, there are some riders who have no troubles. Just watch the cops in the police motorcycle games at the 105th world HOG Rally in Milwaukee (video above) or the winner of the slow riding “race” at the annual HOG Rally in Tamworth (video below). 

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For certain customers, generic too big is just big enough. At least that’s Harley-Davidson’s stance with the new S-model Softail Slim and Fat Boy. Here, the S stands for Screamin’ Eagle. As in the 110ci CVO-based engine finally fitted to a pair of mainline Softail models. This is the first time the SE mill is available outside of the CVO models. More inches, more torque, that’s the story. Harley claims 109 pound-feet of torque in these applications, harnessed by a six-speed trans to pummel the rear tire.

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Words by Martin Hodgson.

Anniversaries are something we all have to celebrate at some point; often it involves the reluctant spending of vast amounts of money in the hope of a little something in return. Well, cheap Uli Bree had an Anniversary recently and he placed a special order, but you could have no regret about receiving this special Triumph “Fuel Triten” in return, all to celebrate ten years of organising the best Triumph bike festival in the world!

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