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By AP |

LAS VEGAS (AP) – A race official says a motorcyclist who died in an off-road crash last week in the Nevada desert was mourned as a decorated war veteran and will be buried next Tuesday at Riverside National Cemetery in California.

Best in the Desert race operations chief Donald Jackson said Thursday that 39-year-old Christopher Carlisle was remembered by friends and family Wednesday during a ceremony at Joshua Springs Calvary Chapel in his hometown, Yucca Valley, California.

Jackson says Carlisle was a father of three and a former U.S. Marine who served three tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He was found fatally injured Aug. 18 after crashing about 290 miles into the 540-mile race from Beatty, Nevada, to Reno.

Jackson says Carlisle was pronounced dead at a hospital in Hawthorne, Nevada.

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What do folks do on hot sunny days? Take their pickup trucks out for a spin! Here in this video, you’ll find a Toyota pickup truck powered by a jet engine and a Ford pickup truck powered by diesel. Both of these incredible trucks will try to do a game of tug-of-war to see whose engine are more powerful and better. Do you already have a winner in mind?

At the beginning of this video, a Ford turbo diesel is running through a grassy field. Heavy duty grill guards are surrounding its front bumpers. It is swerving from left to right digging dirt while driving away. Now on the jet truck, the driver is wearing a helmet for safety reasons. Its body paint is white and its pickup truck bed is gone. What replaces the back of the pickup truck is a jet engine or a jet pack! A jet pack! It’s like living in the year 2100 like The Jetsons! Or somewhat something like it. Why put a jet pack at the back of a pickup truck? The question should be “Why not place a jet pack at the back of a pickup truck?

They start the contest with a jet only powered engine versus the Ford turbo diesel. At the start of the tug-of-war, no vehicle seems to budge. After a couple of seconds, the Ford pickup truck drags the jet-only Toyota pickup truck. You’d think the jet wins this one but no! What an amazing engine Ford pickup trucks have! But, they don’t stop there! They decided to have a rematch but this time, the Toyota pickup truck will combine its diesel power with the jet engine. Now this is more interesting! When they start, you’d think that the combined efforts of the Toyota engine and jet pack will win the race but no! The Ford turbo diesel wins! What a crazy ending!

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War of clans, war of titans, war of drag cars, war of R/C vehicles… You may ask why don’t we have war of go karts. Well, here it is! A truly exciting war of go karts driven by two insane guys, having a barrel of fun with their excellently built go karts.

In this video we present you now, you’re going to see two go karts- one is a lifted go kart in blue and the other is an off road go kart in green- getting into a battle with each other and one of them has no brakes.

If you’re interested in go karts then check out this video and see who the winner is!

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Night falls, drawing yet another day of the fighting to a close. You lean your head back against the Ram Rebel TRX Concept’s headrest and close your eyes, lulled by the engine’s grumble. You loosen up the six-point harness slightly. It’s safe, but it makes it hard to reach for your gun.

The 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi has always been a source of comfort for you. Especially now, packed behind the face of a half-ton pickup outfitted for war. There’s more than 13 inches of wheel travel at all four corners, with front and rear bypass shocks for improved response and damping.

You savor this moment of quiet—and suddenly an explosion rips apart the horizon in your rearview mirror.

You jerk upright, hands flying to the steering wheel. They’ve spotted your truck and they’re coming for you, the hideous Warglesnarg cavalrymen, mounted astride their equally hideous Knraxx steeds.

Slamming your foot on the accelerator, the truck’s mighty 13.5-inch tires dig into the dirt and propel you forward, the scream of all 575 horsepower ripping from the side exhausts. You curse the day that the wretched beasts landed their spacecraft on earth and started this damn war.

An echoing scream sounds from the lead Warglesnarg as it senses its prey escaping. It digs its heels into the heaving flanks of its Knraxx, urging it onwards.

You keep your foot mashed determinedly on the accelerator. They told you that this truck could “devour the roughest terrain at more than 100 miles per hour and never look back.” Now seems like a good a time as any to test that out.

Your knuckles, gripping the wheel tightly, are white. But you are getting away. You are flying across the terrain, spraying dirt and pebbles this way and that. Eventually, the Warglesnarg give up and fade into the distance.

You get away. Heart still thudding quickly, you give silent thanks the Resistance for handing you this over the standard Ram 1500. In fact, you’re still not sure if they’ll put this truck into production. They only sent you out to gather intel today. But maybe this is the push they’ll need to bring the truck into production. You could see it happening, too, since the Ford Raptor needs a suitable competitor.

You pull into base with a small smile, imaging an entire fleet of Ram Rebel TRXs.

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One quick advice gentlemen, well, don’t you never ever try to compete with your …

One quick advice gentlemen, well, don’t you never ever try to compete with your lady or other female simply because you are going in the war in which the end is so predictive, they always win! And we hope that you understand what we mean by this and the video will additionally open your eyes!

So, it doesn’t matter in which war you’ll step in against a woman, either that be the talking war, cars war or even lifting weights war, even if she lose, she will always has the good explanation about that.

In the video bellow is featured the tug of war between man and woman, we suppose a couple, where the diesel Sears tractor is linked back to back with Murray off-road mower!

The war was won in a first battle, the lady with the tractor scared the Murray mower, he quit at the very beginning!

It’s really interesting to see the lady in tug of war, torturing the tractor to its maximum without any intentions of quitting, that scary smile on her face.

Priceless for watching it! Now jump on the video below and see how the war went on. Enjoy the video folks!

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The Soviet automobile industry could have been considered as conservative in the 1950s/60s, at least in the civilian sphere. On the other hand, military vehicles made in USSR back then were at the beginning of a new stage to put it simply. It was the dawn of many successful, or not, prototypes.

The race with the United States for world domination had just started and the finest engineers on both sides had to perform their best. There were no rules. They started from pure ideas and originality through old and tested designs to offhand steals. Literally, no holds barred.

Off-Road Vehicles

Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
ZiS 157 prototype in 1956. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
Off-road vehicle ZIS-E134 Model number 3 in 1956. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
Water tests of ZIS-E134. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
Prototype off-road vehicle based on ZIL-157 – ZIL-157R. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
2.5-ton vehicle ZIL-157R on six arched tires. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
Experimental vehicle ZIL-136 in 1957.Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
ZIL-136 with a monocoque body and frameless arched tires. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
The original BTR-E152V. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.

ZIL 132

The three-axle 2.5-tonne truck ZIL-132 cab from the ZIL-131. 1960. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
The three-axle 2.5-tonne truck ZIL-132 with cab from the ZIL-131. 1960. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
Option triaxial-terrain vehicle ZIL-132 arched tires. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
Option triaxial-terrain vehicle ZIL-132 with arched tires. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
ZIL-132 with automatic transmission and 24-inch tires. 1961. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
ZIL-132 with automatic transmission and 24-inch tires in 1961. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
Experienced four-ton amphibious vehicle ZIL-132P. 1969. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.
Experienced 4-tonne amphibious ZIL-132P. 1969. Photo Credit: ⒸEvgeniy Kochnev, Kolesa.ru.

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 We know all too often how the Off Road community rallies together in the face of heartache, disaster and unexpected circumstance and now the country is getting a glimpse of that selflessness. A number of groups within our off road family have put their lives, time and money on the line to help those stranded, homeless and hungry.

Hurricane Harvey has done more than cripple the state of Texas, it has taken lives, memories and hope with it. So what do rednecks do when someone needs them… they get in their trucks and go.

Below are just a few of the recovery efforts those individuals have been a part of so far.

**Scroll all the way down for ways you can help**


Rednecks With Paychecks – https://www.gofundme.com/rwphoustonrelief

If you would still like to donate for fuel my paypal is
I have a debit card that comes directly out of my paypal account and we are using that for fuel and food.

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These days, Fake Ford Ranger Raptor kits are as popular as political scandals. But there are exceptions to the rule. . . like this 200kW Ford Ranger MS-RT. This one is the real McCoy, all the way from M-Sport – the same company that builds Ford’s world rally championship Fiesta. We took the MS-RT, which is now on sale in SA, for a spin.

The company M-Sport may not be familiar to readers who are not into the World Rally and circuit racing scenes. So some background first. Malcolm Wilson’s motorsport career started more than 20 years ago; he’s a former British rally champion and a World Rally Championship driver. He’s spent the majority of his rally days in Fords, and was the company’s official test and development driver. He was instrumental in creating the (short-lived) Group B Ford RS200, for one. After he retired from competitive driving duties, he went on to manage the Ford World Rally team through his M-Sport company, based in Britain. Over the years, the company has been one of the most successful on the World Rally scene, bagging numerous wins and titles. M-Sport has been involved in other forms of motorsport, too. Notable is their current partner-ship with Bentley, with a fleet of Continental GT3 V8s competing in no less than 90 GT races across the globe last year. This includes both factory and privateer teams.

The company also builds 600 horsepower Ford Fiestas for teams in the Global RallyCross (GRC) Championship. Clients include the infamously sideways Ken Block. That’s just some perspective behind M-Sport, and the company’s chief, Malcolm Wilson. What on earth does this rally legend have to do with the Ford Ranger you see on these pages? Well, it seems that Mr Wilson realised the potential of the aftermarket Ford accessory and go-faster market, and he’s expanded his operations to cover this, too. M-Sport, in collaboration with vehicle styling specialists Van-Sport, offers aftermarket packages on the Ranger, as well as the Transit Custom and Transit Connect vans.  Here in South Africa, Centurion-based Laz Performance has secured the local franchise for the M-Sport Ranger package called M-Sport Road Technology, or MS-RT for short. The upgrade is currently pending Ford Motor Company South Africa sanction. We’ll get to pricing a bit later. Let’s first look at what the MS-RT package is all about.

Now you see it.  Now you don’t
Clearly there are some cosmetic upgrades fitted. The front bumper is replaced with a rather expansive version with built-in, vertical daytime running light strips that have a bit of a “you want to dance with me, punk?” look and feel about it. In fact, from the side it looks a bit like a storm trooper helmet (from Star Wars). It really transforms the front-end of the Ranger and it certainly earned a lot of attention on the road as other motorists craned their necks to try and make out why on earth this Ranger looks the way it does. There is also a bonnet-lip pack  fitted. At the front, the new look is rounded off with a special aluminium bash plate.  There are the obligatory side arch extensions that house special MS-RT 18-inch rims shod with Pirelli Scorpion ATR 275/65 R18 all-terrain tyres. The rear bumper is also unique, and comes with a two huge exhaust pipes peering through the bumper (the exhaust is a custom unit).

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Instead of asking a mirror which is the fastest bakkie of them all, we got rally and race legend Hannes Grobler to race nine bakkies around a 400m rally track. This… is #fastbakkie.

Below are the results, ranked from slowest to fastest, along with Hannes Grobler’s impressions of each bakkie. Right at the bottom is more information on our methodolgy and how we got to racing nine stock standard double cab bakkies.

9. JMC Vigus 2.4TDCi 4WD SLX  00:49:39s
Engine 2 402cc, four-cylinder turbodiesel
Power 88kW @ 3 800r/min
Torque 290Nm @ 1 600r/min
Gearbox Five-speed manual
4WD Part-time (2H, 4H and 4LOW)
Price R375 990

Despite being the least powerful on paper in this test, the grunt – and especially the torque at lower revs – was impressive. The suspension was less inspiring, and the tail especially bounced around a lot, resulting in a loss of momentum. The leather driver seat was quite slippery – I had to wedge myself against the door to ensure I didn’t slide around. With an upgraded suspension it should fare even better in #fastbakkie. – Hannes Grobler.

8. Isuzu KB300D-Teq 4×4 LX 00:49:02s
Engine 2 999cc, four-cylinder turbodiesel
Power 130kW @ 3 600r/min
Torque 380Nm @ 1 800r/min
Gearbox Five-speed manual
4WD Part-time (2H, 4H and 4LOW)
Price R549 800

The first run was with the traction and stability control system activated, and the ‘we’re going to have an accident!’ electronic intervention saw the power taps closed in the places you didn’t want them to be closed. Once deactivated, the Isuzu went much better. The suspension, brakes and gearbox worked really well, and the KB felt very composed. The engine is not particularly fond of higher revs. I reckon this engine will probably last 500 000km, but speed and revs are not really its forte. – Hannes Grobler.

7. Mazda BT-50 3.2 4×4 AT 00:48:78s
Engine 3 198cc, five-cylinder turbodiesel
Power 147kW @ 3 000r/min
Torque 470Nm @ 1 750r/min
Gearbox Six-speed auto
4WD Part-time (2H, 4H and 4LOW)
Price R555 700

It has a lot of grunt lower down in the rev range. It blasts off the line, and it really gathers speed quickly. Although the engine doesn’t like higher revs so much, there’s just so much low-end lugging power available, it doesn’t matter much. The suspension, and specifically the leaf springs at the rear, were not as impressive. The ‘bak’ bounced around a lot, which meant a loss of momentum and, ultimately, speed. For the rest, a great performer. – Hannes Grobler.

6. Mitsubishi Triton 2.4Di-D 4×4 00:48:75s
Engine 2 477cc, four-cylinder turbodiesel
Power 133kW @ 3 500r/min
Torque 430Nm @ 2 500r/min
Gearbox Six-speed manual
4WD Super Select 4WD part-time (2H, 4H, 4HLc and 4LLc)
Price R539 900

Turbo lag seemed to be inevitable if you consider the new Triton’s 430Nm of torque that peaks only at 2 500r/min. But on the track, there wasn’t much lag at all; instead the vehicle sprinted really well, and accelerated well out of the slower corners. The suspension was very impressive, soaking up the rough sections very well. This test was not about comfort, but I must say, the Triton’s cabin was really impressive in its insulation and upmarket feel. – Hannes Grobler.

5. Nissan Navara 2.3D 4×4 00:48:71s
Engine 2 298cc, four-cylinder twin-turbo diesel
Power 140kW @ 3 750r/min
Torque 450Nm @ 1 500r/min
Gearbox Six-speed manual
4WD Part-time (2H, 4H and 4LOW)
Price Not available

With its twin turbochargers and 140kW, I had high expectations for the new Navara. There was slightly less grunt at lower revs than I expected, but generally it did very well in the engine department. Ditto with the suspension. Its only undoing was the stability control system. Even though we switched if off and it allowed some leeway, at the extreme limits it still cut off the power, braking sliding wheels. This is great for keeping drivers safe, but less ideal in a speed test. Without the computer’s intervention, the Nissan would have set a faster time. – Hannes Grobler.

4. Foton Tunland 2.8TDI 4×4 00:48:62s
Engine 2 780cc, four-cylinder turbodiesel
Power 120kW @ 3 600r/min
Torque 360Nm @ 1 800r/min
Gearbox Five-speed manual
4WD Part-time (2H, 4H and 4LOW)
Price R409 995

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Police are searching for a pickup truck that cut a tanker truck off and caused it to drive into a ditch on Sunday evening.

It happened on Interstate 65, near mile marker 108, just outside of White House, Tennessee.

According to WSMV, the tanker truck was driving northbound on I-65 at about 11 p.m. on Sunday, June 2nd, when the pickup truck cut it off. The truck driver swerved to avoid a collision and ended up losing control and driving off the roadway, landing in a grassy ditch.

The pickup driver then sped away, leaving the scene of the accident.

The tanker truck driver was taken to a nearby hospital but has already been released. His identity has not been released.

Nearly 7,400 gallons of 87 octane fuel spilled into a nearby creek as a result of the wreck, closing the northbound lanes of I-65 for four hours as hazmat crews cleaned up the spill. The highway has since been reopened.

Officers have not released a description of the suspect, but are asking anybody with information to please step forward.

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