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Ladies, make note, bikers are some of the best men you can date. And I’m not saying that just because I’m one. I’m saying that because I know that for a fact. We recently did a feature on the great things of being a biker. However, most of it was stuff you probably had figured already. This one today, though, is about the hidden benefits of dating a biker!

1. A Great Way To Make Your Girlfriends Feel Jealous

Everybody knows that motorcyclists are more adventurous, powerful and sexy than your average guy. It’s like the cheat code for being a better guy. In fact, a survey on Match.com found that “motorcycle” was what the second-most sought thing by women for their potential mates.

2. A Legitimate Excuse To Rock The Biker Chic Look

You may not own a motorcycle. In fact, you may not even know how to ride a motorcycle. But, if you’ve got a man who rides, you’ve got quite legit reasons to sport that uber-sexy leathered-up look.

3. An Excuse To Not Do Your Hair

You can’t expect your man to have you do your hair if he’s going to put a helmet on it the moment he meets you. A ponytail is just going to work down. And if your hair is ever messed up, you can always tell your friends that it’s just the “wind in your hair” from riding with your biker boyfriend!

4. Easier To Get Gifts For

All you need to do is see the brand of bikes he owns or likes. Now just get him anything with that logo, and you’re sorted for life.

5. More Man Attention Than Women Attention

Yeah, bikers are cool and sexy. And women like them. But that’s just about it. They never bother to strike up a conversation with a guy just because he rides. Guys, on the other hand, aren’t like that. Chances are, your guy would be too busy dealing the curious men to ever really have the time to talk to other women.

6. He Can Fix Stuff

Riding is a very independent and self-reliant activity. Bikers usually have their way around fixing stuff much better than people who don’t ride. Years of biking is a good training to turn the wrench and work out the electricals.

7. A Bunch of Happy and Smart Folk

While driving is a frustrating activity, motorcycling is a rejuvenating one. It’s a great stress buster. Also, according to a study done at Tokyo University, regular riders have a higher cognitive ability.

So, there you have it. We’re sure you never even thought half this stuff. But, now that you know it, go get yourself a biker!


Each year, thousands of motorcycle fans descend on Birmingham, Alabama. They come from all over the world to race and showcase their bikes — some more than 100 years old. Triumph Bonnevilles, Indian Chiefs, Ducatis and Hondas — that’s just the start. Held on the grounds of the world’s largest motorcycle museum, the annual Barber Vintage Motorcycle Festival is more than a show — it’s a three-day weekend of racing, of trading bike knowledge, and cycle culture.

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Check out the EPIC Indian Motorcycle collection of world renowned Indian motorcycle expert Bob Stark.

The Stark family have been selling and restoring the Indian brand for over 90 years.

Now you get to see his awesome collection of Indian bikes, we would absolutely love to have a collection like this.

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Super awesome Triumph 1959

The Bonneville T120 was Edward Turner\’s last production design at Triumph[2] (in retirement Turner designed the Triumph Bandit/BSA Fury which did not pass the prototype stage before BSA went under[3]).

The new motorcycle was conceived and developed so quickly that it was not included in the 1959 Triumph catalogue.[4] With a 649 cc (39.6 in3) parallel-twin (two-cylinder) engine the T120 was based on the Triumph Tiger T110 and was fitted with the Tiger\’s optional twin 1 3/16 in Amal monobloc carburettors as standard, along with that model\’s high-performance inlet camshaft.[1] Launched in 1959 by Triumph as \The Best Motorcycle in the World\, the Bonneville T120 was aimed mainly at the lucrative US market where enthusiasts were demanding extra performance.[5]

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Stephen Senn III had a crush on Amy Wallace since the two went to A.I. du Pont High School over a decade ago, but it was not until last year that they reconnected and fell in love.

Their love happened quickly, yet was enduring. At first, they made adventures out of trips to the Brandywine and other spots that Wallace had never been before. Then they moved in together and planned for a future that would include marriage and eventually two children, both of whom they’d already picked out names for.

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