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No proper off roader can be complete without a portable air compressor. When the going gets tough, you’re much better off if you adjust your tire pressure to suit the terrain the best. And once back on the pavement, it’s equally important to bring them back to the factory recommended figures.

Under-inflated tires will flex more, crawling over sharp rocks instead of getting punctured by them. Having a wider contact patch will also increase traction where you most need it, hopefully saving you from sinking into deep sand or soft snow, if that’s what you need to deal with.It makes driving off road more comfortable, and safer to the environment as well.

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With Over 2.5 Million Units Sold Worldwide, This is The Most Affordable Solution to Find Your Lost Items!

Have you ever lost your car on a parking lot? It happens. You park and go shopping. When you get back, you don’t have a clue where your car is. Then you start roaming around clicking on the panic button on your car keys so the alarm goes off. It can be frustrating, especially on a hot, sunny day.

No, you don’t need to install an expensive GPS system to keep track of your car. That’s way too expensive. You would need to pay a monthly subscription fee just to use it. Don’t we have enough bills to pay already?

But is there a way to track your vehicle without spending a fortune? Yes, now there is!

A California-based startup company was able to make this a reality. They created a tiny device that works with your smartphone, and it could be exactly what you’re looking for!

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From turbo to lug nut, cialis this is how you build a Charger in one stop.

We all know that Tom Nelson, buy of Nelson Racing Engines can build a badass street engine. His specialty is in developing streetable big-power engines that can idle in traffic with the air conditioning on, sildenafil while being able to drop the hammer on 1,000 hp at the flick of the throttle. But for NRE’s Indonesian customer, Ikhwan Mahyuddin, he needed a little more. While he couldn’t ship his 1969 Dodge Charger to NRE, Tom Nelson instead build a NRE “Complete Running Gear Kit,” basically distilling a complete turbo-to-lugnut kit to turn any 1969 Charger into a 1,000hp monster, with the right stuff to be able to stop and turn the blown Hemi missile. The first crate carries NRE’s 572 ci all-aluminum Hemi, with a 10-71 blower stacked on top, which is fed by two four-barrel carburetors and huffing 16 ports of nitrous.

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Motorcycle customizing is all about transformation: better looks, online better functionality, pills or a combination of both. But we don’t often see a transformation as radical as this.

Canada-based KickMoto have taken an innocuous, almost-forgotten street bike, ditched the ungainly cruiser doo-dads, and turned it into a motocross-styled weapon built for urban streets and hardpack dirt.

It’s hard to believe this crisp Honda CM400 is only the third build from the Halifax, Novia Scotia, shop. It’s bristling with interesting concepts and neat details.

Co-founders Jeff (architect) and Jordan (mechanical engineer) launched KickMoto as an after-hours endeavor—a creative outlet for the boys to get their minds right, and their hands dirty.

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It used to be that 100, health 000 miles on a used car was a lot, view and some car buyers still turn up their nose at used cars with six digits on the odometer. Cars have come a long way in recent years, medications however, and many vehicles pushing 100,000 miles are just getting started. Keeping your car running past 100,000 miles, through 200,000 miles and even higher is absolutely possible. It all boils down to sticking to your car maintenance checklist and putting in the time and money to properly maintain your car.

Whether you’re looking at a late model car or even a classic car — such as Irvin Gordon’s 1966 Volvo P1800S, which holds theGuinness World Record for most miles on a noncommercial vehicle reaching nearly 3 million miles in 2013 — keeping up with a comprehensive car maintenance checklist will keep you on the road for many years and thousands of miles. As you start racking up the miles, what kind of things should you make sure are on your car maintenance checklist?

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Get free or discounted auto repairs done by the manufacturer

Vehicle recalls get a lot of publicity in the news, but too often people just ignore them in their daily lives. It’s estimated only one out of three people will comply once notified of a recall. But in the world of car maintenance, not everything is a full-blown recall. Many times when there’s no official recall, there still might be a TSB (technical service bulletin) from the manufacturer.

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Today’s smartphone technology makes it easier than ever to keep up with important gas and maintenance data for your vehicle. Apps offer you the ability to track your vehicle’s gas mileage performance as well as maintenance and repair records. If you’re tracking this information with pen and paper, stomach toss them in the trash and upgrade with one of our picks for the best car maintenance apps on iPhone and Android devices:

Gas Cubby

Gas Cubby helps you track your car’s fuel economy and offers maintenance reminder services. Set a reminder for when you need to rotate your tires or get your oil changed. Gas Cubby offers a free version with limited features in addition to the premium version.

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Sometimes it’s worth it to pay small costs to avoid bigger ones, vcialis 40mg and your car is a prime example.

Tune-ups and maintenance jobs are usually less expensive than paying a mechanic to fix your car. Minor upkeep is also good for getting the most life out of your vehicle’s parts. No one wants to buy a battery, vcialis 40mg doohickey or thing-a-ma-jig because the old one wore out too soon and left you stranded. Or worse, with a major car repair.

A little extra effort can go a long way toward curbing the repair costs for your automobile. Here are four car maintenance tips that can delay or even prevent the need to pay for a big fix to your ride.

1. Check your spare tire.

It’s just as important to keep the reserve tire inflated as it is the four tires under your car. The last thing you want is to discover that your spare is flat while you’re pulling the jack out of your trunk. That’s when you’ll need to call a tow truck—which can run you hundreds of dollars when you add up towing, mileage and any winch fees. It’s better to spend a dollar at an air pump to inflate your spare. That can spare you the cost of a tow.

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Cars are really complex these days. Even simple vehicle-related tasks can be can be difficult if you’re not car-savvy and you need to follow the instructions in the ever-growing owner’s manual.

To make life easier for its owners, Hyundai has built an augmented reality app called the Virtual Guide. It allows owners to use their phones to get more familiar with their cars and learn how to perform basic maintenance. I saw a demo of the app from Hyundai at CES and it works as advertised.

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By the time the week end finally arrives you are grateful that somehow you made it. You sit on your favorite chair and take stock of your life. Great wife, viagra three children, recipe a four bedroom house, thumb and of course your pride and joy. Yes, your classic car. For safety Sake lets go with a 69 Pontiac GTO. It’s dark green with the matching interior. You put it on one side of the garage and cover it so the kids don’t scratch it. You wash it and stare at it believing you will have it forever. But, you have great responsibilities at home and at times you just wish it was you and your car.

For example, your wife comes into your kingdom and states little Johnny needs an orthodontics appointment that will cost five thousand dollars. You see his buck teeth are so big it takes a half of tube of toothpaste and three toothbrushes everyday just to keep those choppers clean. Kids tease him and call him Beaver. And the Specialist said they may need to use a industrial belt sander to get these huge teeth back to normal. Ok. My brain gets this but it can wait. Then, your bride that used to be a size 2 comes in and says your daughter is going to need plastic surgery very soon. You see she was born with big ears and now as a pre teen the kids at school claim they can hear the ocean when she walks by. Ok, your brain calculates that at seventy five hundred dollars. Now in the back of your head you know the sink still leaks, the roof is now 18 years old, you have been wearing the same dress shoes for eight years and that lousy mini van in the garage needs tires and brakes.

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