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What do folks do on hot sunny days? Take their pickup trucks out for a spin! Here in this video, you’ll find a Toyota pickup truck powered by a jet engine and a Ford pickup truck powered by diesel. Both of these incredible trucks will try to do a game of tug-of-war to see whose engine are more powerful and better. Do you already have a winner in mind?

At the beginning of this video, a Ford turbo diesel is running through a grassy field. Heavy duty grill guards are surrounding its front bumpers. It is swerving from left to right digging dirt while driving away. Now on the jet truck, the driver is wearing a helmet for safety reasons. Its body paint is white and its pickup truck bed is gone. What replaces the back of the pickup truck is a jet engine or a jet pack! A jet pack! It’s like living in the year 2100 like The Jetsons! Or somewhat something like it. Why put a jet pack at the back of a pickup truck? The question should be “Why not place a jet pack at the back of a pickup truck?

They start the contest with a jet only powered engine versus the Ford turbo diesel. At the start of the tug-of-war, no vehicle seems to budge. After a couple of seconds, the Ford pickup truck drags the jet-only Toyota pickup truck. You’d think the jet wins this one but no! What an amazing engine Ford pickup trucks have! But, they don’t stop there! They decided to have a rematch but this time, the Toyota pickup truck will combine its diesel power with the jet engine. Now this is more interesting! When they start, you’d think that the combined efforts of the Toyota engine and jet pack will win the race but no! The Ford turbo diesel wins! What a crazy ending!

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Ford will give owners of the 2017 F-150 Raptor the chance to hone their off-road driving skills in the just-announced Raptor Assault program. Offered for free to new owners of the off-road pickup, Raptor Assault will take place in the high desert of Utah and comprise both classroom education and in-truck practice.
According to the company, the newest Ford Performance program will introduce owners to the high-tech features and impressive capability, with rockcrawling, high-speed driving, side-hilling, hill descent, and braking on the docket. Ford hopes the program will help new F-150 Raptors to understand their new trucks’ capabilities and become better drivers, though we’re sure they’ll have fun learning, too.

Owners will be pleased to know Ford Performance will provide its own Raptors and safety gear. In addition to the off-roading instruction, Raptor Assault participants can opt for additional on-road performance driving instruction at the Utah Motorsports Campus. Ford will provide instruction and two meals per day, with participants responsible for travel, hotel, and dinner costs.

The Raptor Assault website will provide prospective participants with schedule information, guidelines, and rules as they become available. Raptor Assault is the fourth program offered by Ford Performance Racing School, following programs designed for the Shelby GT350, Focus and Fiesta ST, and Focus RS.
Source: Ford


We started talking about the next-generation Ford Raptor as soon as Ford let the cat out of the bag and haven’t stopped since—and we probably won’t for some time. The latest news from Ford is its dirt-eating F-150 will be sold in China beginning in 2017.

With the EcoBoost-powered pickup’s debut at the 2016 Beijing Motor Show, shop the Chinese market just got a lot more capable. The Raptor was built with tackling some of the most extreme terrain in mind, viagra so with the vast landscape across the huge expanse that is China, malady the Raptor should be right at home. Ford is happy to bring Chinese customers one of its best accomplishments. Global Chief Program Engineer Jamal Hameedi says, “We are thrilled to offer our customers in China the chance to experience new levels of off-road performance with the all-new F-150 Raptor.” We’re betting Chinese consumers are even more excited.

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In the United States, our definition of a long-distance wheeling adventure is often much different than the rest of the world. For most, a long wheeling trip is a week. For others, it can be a few months. Sure, finding the time to make that kind of a trip usually isn’t easily feasible for most, but there is a surprising amount of people that mange to make it work.

Claude-Alain Ferrière is a citizen of Switzerland with a thirst for a U.S. adventure. A photographer by trade, his plan was to come to North America and explore some of the land’s best back roads and adventure locals. Instead of dealing with the hassle of shipping a vehicle from one continent to the next, he decided that he would simply purchase something in the States. The issue was that he wanted to live out of it, but needed something more capable than your average motorhome.

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