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Harley-Davidson has revealed the 2018 Breakout internationally. The bike is already on sale in global markets. It gets a host of updates and modern equipment as well. We could see the company getting it to India towards the end of 2017 or early 2018.

Harley-Davidson has introduced the 2018 Breakout globally

The Bar & Shield brand recently revealed its complete 2018 line-up. Almost all the Harley-Davidson bikes have been given subtle tweaks and updates. While we have already told you about the CVO line-up and the 2018 models, the company also revealed the 2018 Breakout. The 2018 Breakout gets a host of updates such as a new headlamp and a part digital part analogue instrument console as well. Apart from these, the bike gets a host of mechanical changes as well. The first is the new 114 engine which displaces 1,868 cc and makes 161 Nm of peak torque (Harley-Davidson does not disclose the power outputs of its motorcycles). The bike also has a counter-balancer which negates the vibrations Harleys are synonymous with. The company also says that the 2018 Breakout gets a new frame with almost 50 per cent lesser components and that in turn results in weight savings by up to 34 per cent. The new Breakout weighs 293 kg while the older model weighed 320 kg.

(2018 Harley-Davidson Breakout)

This also makes the 2018 Breakout quicker off the mark and helps in lesser roll-on times as well. The list of changes doesn’t end here. The new bike also gets better shock absorbers and more wheel travel. The rear shock absorbers have been swapped out for a new under-seat spring unit, which keeps the hard-tail look of the bike intact.

While the bike has already been launched in USA, there is no word on Harley-Davidson bringing the same to India anytime soon. Having said that, the older Breakout model has been on sale in India for over a year and half now! We could expect Harley to bring the 2018 Breakout to India towards the end of 2017.


Motorcycle collectability is a trait determined by a variety of factors – backstory and condition are two such traits out of many more. Which is why this Harley-Davidson MT500 is such a wonder, being miraculously unused.

Details regarding the enigmatic piece of history are scarce, but it’s clear that the bike is powered by a Rotax engine and was built towards the end of the production run. Additionally, you’ll find that the bike has been outfitted with a befitting military green color, as a plastic gun case and ammo panniers wrap up the look. As previously stated, the bike is completely new and has zero miles on its odometer, meaning the next owner of the bike will decide whether it stays new or not.

The bike is currently up for auction at Bonhams, where it’s expected to sell for $20,000 USD.


For certain customers, generic too big is just big enough. At least that’s Harley-Davidson’s stance with the new S-model Softail Slim and Fat Boy. Here, the S stands for Screamin’ Eagle. As in the 110ci CVO-based engine finally fitted to a pair of mainline Softail models. This is the first time the SE mill is available outside of the CVO models. More inches, more torque, that’s the story. Harley claims 109 pound-feet of torque in these applications, harnessed by a six-speed trans to pummel the rear tire.

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