If you own a 2015 or 2016 Honda CRF450 contact your local dealer before riding the bike again.

Honda is sending out letters to 5700 2015-16 Honda CRF450 owners to stop riding their bikes and go see their dealers to have a potentially defective transmission C5 gear replaced. The transmission C5 gear dogs lack fatigue strength and may break. The transmission countershaft 5th (C5) gear, used for engaging third gear, may break under certain riding conditions. If a C5 gear dog breaks, the transmission can seize and cause the rear wheel to lock. A rear wheel that locks while riding increases the risk of a crash.

AFFECTED UNITS: All 2015 CRF450 and all 2016 CRF450s.Vehicle identification numbers (VIN) ending in 7FK400015 through 6FK403360, for the 2015 model, and 36GK500009 through 1GK502993, for the 2016 model, are included in this recall. The VIN is stamped on a nameplate located in the frame at the front right, near the steering head. The motorcycles, manufactured in Japan, were sold at authorized Honda Powersports dealers nationwide from September 2014, through August 2017,

SERVICE BULLETIN: Honda has released Service Bulletin CRF450 #4, which includes the affected models, repair procedure, parts information, as well as warranty claim information.

CUSTOMER NOTIFICATION: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled motorcycles and contact an authorized Honda Powersports dealer to schedule a free inspection and free repair. Honda intends to mail customer letters as early as possible, pending approval from applicable government regulatory agencies. Consumer may contact American Honda toll-free at (866) 784-1870 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (PT) Monday through Friday.