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November’s EICMA show in Milan may reveal a new generation of supercharged Kawasaki engines and related models

Kawasaki shocked the world three years ago when it unveiled the supercharged H2 and H2R sportbikes. The 16-valve, DOHC, 998cc inline-four that powers both of those hot rods is boosted by a mechanically driven centrifugal supercharger to generate in track-only H2R trim 310 hp at 14,000 rpm and 115 pound-feet of peak torque at 12,500 rpm.

The engineering team had one obvious target: Give life to the most powerful production motorcycle in the history of the sport, whatever use that would be good for in real life. Large displacement, oversquare bore and stroke (76 x 55mm) for sky-high revs, plus supercharging—no prisoners taken.

While the H2/H2R is a clear statement of technological leadership, neither supercharging nor turbocharging has so far done for the motorcycle what it has done for 20 years for production automobiles: Allow a small engine to deliver high fuel economy at freeway speeds, yet with forced induction to also deliver spirited acceleration and real-world on-ramp performance.

The problem that has kept this from happening on two wheels is the limited tire footprint of the motorcycle. Not only does a motorcycle have only two wheels, but it uses only one-third of the width of those two tires. This small footprint cannot transmit the fast-rising and peaky torque of either turbocharging or the centrifugal supercharger of the Kawasaki H2/H2R.

A motorcycle’s drive wheel requires extremely smooth, predictable torque, which is why modern engine-control electronics (ride by wire, virtual powerband, traction control, anti-wheelie) have had such good success in smoothing the power delivery of existing bikes.

In revealing its “Balanced Supercharging” concept in 2015, Kawasaki showed a rotary shutter in the intake of a centrifugal blower (possibly similar to the “vortex throttle” used on Cosworth Champ Car engines) but did not explain either its purpose or function. We can only speculate that it might be used with fast computer control to maintain a desired boost pressure in an engine’s sealed intake airbox, thereby dealing with the old problem of torque that rises too fast for human control.

We will have to wait to see what Kawasaki reveals at EICMA this November. In a teaser about “Balanced Supercharging,” Kawasaki refers to a new generation of sport-tourers equipped with supercharged engines that were conceived to deliver supreme flexibility and great torque at relatively low rpm.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Kawasaki Ninja H2R Dyno Run

Ford did something similar with its 1.0-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost engine, a little turbocharged monster that became the new standard in spark-ignited engineering for its solid peak power—140 hp at 6,000 rpm, combined with an incredibly thick and flat torque curve (133 pound-feet of torque at a mere 1,500 rpm)—and very low fuel consumption.

Ford applied lessons learned from diesel engine practice: a nearly flat pent-roof cylinder head (modest 22 degrees included valve angle) with the largest portion of the combustion chamber a deep bowl in the piston crown. This configuration proved effective at reducing knock despite compression exceeding 10:1, high for a mass-production supercharged engine.

In addition, the deep chamber keeps tumble turbulence alive through the compression/combustion cycle for perfect combustion and high efficiency. The combination proved to be a shortcut to high efficiency and torque not seen since the days of the Ford-Cosworth DFV 3.0-liter Formula 1 V-8, the engine that in 1967 set new thermodynamic standards.

Ford used turbocharging to reset the relationship between displacement, revs, and mean effective pressure, the main factors that participate in the definition of the power generated by internal-combustion piston engines. In this case, engineers drastically reduced the influence of revs and boosted mean effective pressure to an extremely high 304.5 psi. For a street-legal, naturally aspirated engine, we would be happy to see slightly more than half of that, say, 174 psi.

Not having to worry about mean piston speed, Ford engineers selected a small bore and a long stroke, which contributed to the clean, efficient, high-compression-ratio combustion chamber. Kawasaki appears to have adopted that same philosophy to deliver supremely flexible engines combining additional torque delivery, smoothness, and power.

Kawasaki used a mechanically driven supercharger for the H2/H2R. Can we in the future expect an electrically driven supercharger managed by the ECU for even higher engine efficiency and smoothness? Audi has done this with its SQ7 turbodiesel 4.0-liter V-8, and it works well.

If Kawasaki is able to combine small-engine economy with big-engine torque and power through a new and more controllable form of supercharging, that company will have opened a previously closed door to the future.


Honda’s Motorcycle Won’t Fall Over – How Honda Riding Assist Works

Honda’s latest motorcycle technology, Honda Riding Assists, helps to prevent the bike from falling over at low speeds. A drive by wire system operates the front steering fork, which also extends out at low speeds to alter the bike’s trail length. By electronically turning the front wheel left or right, the bike maintains its upright balance.

Motorcycle ride planned to help girl

VALDOSTA — Lowndes County resident Donnie Wilson is organizing a motorcycle ride to raise support and funds for his niece, viagra 40mg Riley Staggs.

Riley was diagnosed with cytomegalovirus or CMV when she was born. CMV can cause severe birth defects if contracted in the first trimester, buy according to reports.

“The virus can be attained from something as simple as using a shopping cart after someone who didn’t wash their hands, troche ” Wilson said.

Riley wasn’t expected to live long with her condition.

“Riley was originally given two hours to live, after that it was two days then two months,” said Wilson.

She is now 7 years old. After struggling with the disease throughout her life, she has had to be resuscitated multiple times during the past years and her family has decided that the pain is enough and signed a do not resuscitate, Wilson said. She currently is living with her family in Tampa Fl, but has family members in the Valdosta and Lowndes community.

Wilson said the family has been unable to get life insurance on Riley and the family has been paying for medical treatment out of pocket for many expenses.

The family is now in the process of planning for final expenses and this is where Wilson hopes to help out. After creating a GoFundMe account with the goal of raising $8,000 the total funds raised is still under $1,000, said Wilson.

On July 2, Wilson plans to have a motorcycle ride through Lowndes County.



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Pakistani girl dare to ride solo through northern areas

LAHORE (Nudrrat Khawaja) – Defying societal boundaries and norms, viagra 100mg a 20-year-old young woman set on a journey through the Kashmir belt. What made her solo travels even more unusual is her choice of vehicle: a motorcycle.

Inspired by the dream of her deceased father who “wanted to travel the world on a bike”, see Lahore-based Zenith Irfan traveled through Kashmir, generic riding different motorcycle models including Honda 125, Honda CD -70 and Suzuki GS-150.

When asked about her decision to ride a motorcycle, she defiantly replied, “Why not?”

Wearing a white helmet and backpack carefully tied at the back of her motorcycle, Irfan raced along the dangerous terrain of northern Pakistan.

The daredevil started her six-day journey from Lahore on June 14th and completed it on June 20th. On her return, Ifran documented her journey in a personal photo blog on Facebook, “Zenith Irfan: 1 Girl 2 Wheels”.

Irfan said she did not come across any resistance when she decided to make this journey. “My mother is a very liberal woman. In fact, she was the one who motivated and pushed me to ride a motorcycle,” said the braveheart.

For Irfan, riding a motorcycle is synonymous to challenging social norms, “A social taboo is enforced on them (female motorcycle riders) by creating a sense of disgrace and shame.”

This is the very perception that Irfan aims to change with her motorcycle adventures.

She describes herself as a “free hearted soul”, which is evident from her Facebook pictures, in which she can be seen crossing a river, spending time among remote tribes, playing with village children and admiring the brave truck drivers.

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Motorcycle Surfs Giant Tahitian Wave

Motocross racer turned stunt rider, look Robbie Maddison, has broken new ground in motorcycling by riding his top-secret water bike on giant Tahitian waves at the legendary Teahupo’o reefbreak. In this video titled “Pipe Dream,” the Australian daredevil powers his KTM 250 SX two-stroke water bike out into the Teahupo’o surfbreak where waves are known to grow upward of 20 feet high.

The revolutionary water bike design inspired by snow bikes, utilizes two skis for buoyancy and is powered by a paddle tire in the rear. It is also an amphibious design that allows the bike to be ridden on both water and land. The project was two years in the making and took its toll on both body and bike. Several different types of motorcycles were tested during development and prototypes were sunk no less than 30 times before an optimized design was produced that could handle the big waves of Tahiti.

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DOH's motorcycle ambulance

MANILA, Philippines – Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya may think traffic “is not fatal” in Metro Manila, but ambulances responding to emergencies are just as vulnerable to gridlocks as any other vehicle.

If indeed some of the solutions to ease the worsening metro traffic “will take time” as Abaya earlier said, then ambulances will have to cope for now.

But the health department is finding ways to save lives, traffic or no traffic.

On Tuesday, September 8, the Department of Health (DOH)-Mimaropa unveiled the first two motorcycle ambulance commissioned initially for far-flung areas.

“The idea talaga ay para mapuntahan kaagad-agad ng responder yung mga areas na malalayo, yung walang stretcher,” DOH-Mimaropa Regional Director Eduardo Janairo told reporters on the sidelines of the graduation of the first group of paramedics in the Philippines held at the Diamond Hotel.

(The idea is for responders to immediately go to far-flung areas – that’s for the motorcycle without a stretcher.)

He added: “Pero nung makita namin ang Metro Manila…nakita namin yung motorsiklo naka-pass pero yung ambulansya hindi, sabi namin, siguro pwede na sa urban areas ‘to. Kaya dinesign na rin for urban areas.”

(But when we saw Metro Manila… we saw how motorcycles can pass during traffic but ambulances can’t, so we thought, maybe we can use this in urban areas too. So this was also designed for urban areas.)


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Motorcycle airbag jacket

Airbag jackets for motorcycles are starting to get a lot more useful. Last week, motorcycle wear company Dainese announced a jacket, called the Misano 1000, that includes a built-in airbag and all of the tech necessary to automatically know when to deploy it. That last part is what’s important: other airbag jackets tend to rely on cues from sensors integrated with the bike itself, if not with an actual tether to the bike. The Misano 1000, on the other hand, seems to have acceleration sensors built into the jacket that can detect when a rider is in a collision or has been thrown from the bike. That should allow a rider who wears one of these to move from one motorcycle to another and bring the protection with them.


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Rider begins motorcycle trip across Europe to raise money

Rabat – Marouane El Hamdouni, clinic a Moroccan motorcycle rider, began a month-long journey Saturday that will take him from Italy to Morocco across several European countries, all for the sake of helping Moroccan children in rural areas.

Called “Make Them Smile”, his journey will take him through Europe and on to Morocco via Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal.

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Motorcycle clubs donate toys to Jersey City children

In cheery holiday spirit, cialis dozens of motorcyclists descended upon the Boys and Girls Club of Hudson County in Downtown Jersey City Saturday afternoon to donate toys to scores of children.

Shortly after noon, order Santa Claus arrived at 225 Morris Blvd. on a Jersey City fire truck, followed by two pickup trucks loaded with toys and a long line of motorcyclists.

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A motorcycle riding association in Winchester is turning some heads.

JEFFERSON COUNTY, W.Va. – Drive by this group of motorcycle riders, and they look like a typical group of hard biker guys.

But this isn’t a biker gang; it is a Masonic Riding Association, and on Christmas Eve they took a motorcycle ride, decked in their leather and boots, to deliver teddy bears. Yes, teddy bears.

“It’s kind of ironic,” said John Stillman, with a laugh. Stillman is the secretary for the Brazen Pillars chapter of the Virginia Widows Sons Masonic Riding Association.

“It’s a mouthful; you’ve got to practice it,” said Stillman, of the group’s name.

Since 2002, area masons have been strapping teddy bears to the back of motorcycles, and have delivered over 1,000 of them to local emergency crews in the Northern Shenandoah Valley and Eastern Panhandle.

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