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You’d think that with as many true-to-life production and custom motorcycles as we see, concept bikes wouldn’t be on our radar much. And that’s absolutely true, except for when something truly stunning crosses our path. That’s exactly the case with this Koenigsegg Bike 1090 Concept Motorcycle by 3D designer Maksim Burov.

Paring down the hypercar brand’s signature style is something that Maksim Burov is familiar with, as he’s actually made a couple in the past. This one, however, features a measure of realism that gives us hope we might actually see something like it on the road in the future. There’s no available specifications, but we can gather from the low streetfighter-like stance, Goodyear racing-style tires, and Borla performance exhaust that this bike is built to do one thing very well: go fast. We can only hope that the Swedes over at Koenigsegg take notice of this stellar 2-wheeler concept.

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Despite a weak economy that is impacting sales in its powersports business, Polaris Industries (NYSE: PII) is still smoking the tires in motorcycles, giving it the horsepower to take on the industry behemoth, Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG).

In its just-completed first-quarter earnings report, Polaris said motorcycle sales were going full throttle at 18% year-over-year growth while the overall large-bike industry — the 900 cubic-centimeters-and-up market — was relatively flat. Moreover, since Harley-Davidson continues to report falling motorcycle sales, it means Polaris is stealing more market share from its rival. Harley may still own half the U.S. market, but Polaris is quickly gaining, and it soon may be a much closer horse race.

Teasing out sales data from the various manufacturers isn’t always easy, and Polaris is downright parsimonious when it comes to doling out unit sales, but here’s a look at some of the major global bike makers and their reported numbers for 2015.

Manufacturer North America sales Worldwide sales
Honda Motors 286,000 10.73 million
Harley-Davidson 189,082* 264,627
Yamaha 89,000 5.22 million
Kawasaki 51,000 524,000**
Suzuki 35,000 est. 1.11 million (est.)
BMW n/a 136,963
Ducati 12,132 54,800

The reason Polaris is making these gains? Indian Motorcycle. Sure, it’s found itself a popular vehicle in its three-wheeled Slingshot, and even its line of Victory motorcycles has mostly stemmed the losses it was incurring, but it’s the Indian nameplate that Polaris resurrected from the graveyard in 2011 where it’s making its mark.

Since relaunching the brand, Polaris’ total revenues have increased 47% to $4.7 billion, but motorcycles have grown from accounting for 8% of the total to 15%, and sales have nearly quadrupled to $698 million annually. That may be a rounding error to Harley-Davidson, which did $1.3 billion in sales in the first quarter alone, but Polaris has already become the No. 2 motorcycle manufacturer.

With Polaris motorcycle sales growing 67% last year and Harley-Davidson’s falling almost 2%, if those trends continue, Polaris will be selling more motorcycles than Harley in just three-and-a-half years. Of course, it’s highly improbable Polaris can maintain the breakneck pace it’s been on, but it’s also clear it can dramatically narrow the gap between first place and second place in short order.




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