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By the time the week end finally arrives you are grateful that somehow you made it. You sit on your favorite chair and take stock of your life. Great wife, viagra three children, recipe a four bedroom house, thumb and of course your pride and joy. Yes, your classic car. For safety Sake lets go with a 69 Pontiac GTO. It’s dark green with the matching interior. You put it on one side of the garage and cover it so the kids don’t scratch it. You wash it and stare at it believing you will have it forever. But, you have great responsibilities at home and at times you just wish it was you and your car.

For example, your wife comes into your kingdom and states little Johnny needs an orthodontics appointment that will cost five thousand dollars. You see his buck teeth are so big it takes a half of tube of toothpaste and three toothbrushes everyday just to keep those choppers clean. Kids tease him and call him Beaver. And the Specialist said they may need to use a industrial belt sander to get these huge teeth back to normal. Ok. My brain gets this but it can wait. Then, your bride that used to be a size 2 comes in and says your daughter is going to need plastic surgery very soon. You see she was born with big ears and now as a pre teen the kids at school claim they can hear the ocean when she walks by. Ok, your brain calculates that at seventy five hundred dollars. Now in the back of your head you know the sink still leaks, the roof is now 18 years old, you have been wearing the same dress shoes for eight years and that lousy mini van in the garage needs tires and brakes.

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Now, ed this is something we really haven’t seen before. And, discount quite frankly, buy cialis there really ought to be more cars like this one. What you’re about to see is an almost Frankenstein sort of thing, in the sense that it brings back something from the dead.

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