LTG Caslen’s entrance onto the football field was a stark reminder …

As players from NFL teams across the country kneel in protest during the playing of the national anthem, one football team is getting its pregame ritual right.

On Oct. 14, Superintendent Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen led West Point Black Knights football team onto the field by way of his saber-wielding motorcycle.

Photos of Caslen riding his bike were posted to Facebook, where users praised him as well as the Army football team, which beat Eastern Michigan 28-27, extending its home unbeaten streak to five games.

According to Independent Journal Review, Caslen has a habit of leading his team — and audience — in national pride and school spirit.

The former U.S. Military academy cadet, who played varsity football when he attended the academy, was seen in 2015 leading his team onto the field, only this time by way of an Orange County Choppers motorcycle.

Another time, he was pictured commandeering a T-shirt cannon, which quickly earned him the name “Supe Daddy.”

“The Lieutenant General is known to be out in front of the student section during games,” IJR reported, as well as “leading them in the Army chant, ‘The Rocket.’”

And there are multiple instances — and videos — of Caslen hyping up his crowd as well as giving praise to the fallen heroes at West Point, both on and off the field.

This habit of leading is nothing new to Caslen, who, in a 2015 interview with Observer, said his bests days in Iraq were when he received word that he would have the “honor of leading our sons and daughters.”

Many of these “sons and daughters” had been cadets from the classes he taught, he said, adding further that the “last person who wants to go to war is the military.”

Caslen’s enthusiastic actions and honorable works for his cadets and fallen soldiers is sure to continue, as West Point keeps on working to bring the best out of those it trains to serve.

According to IJR, “LTG Caslen’s entrance onto the football field was a stark reminder that the USMA family will continue to train, fight, and safeguard all that our country holds dearest.”

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