If you’re at all like us, then you probably spend nearly every extra penny you have on 4x4s and off-road parts throughout the year. So when a big chunk of change like an inheritance from a long-lost relative comes along, of course you probably grieve at least a little, but your mind goes wild with all the modifications it will allow you to afford. That is as long as you can keep it out of the hands of a significant other, who most certainly has been eyeballing a new leather sofa, bunk beds for the kids, or a European vacation. You may not have wealthy relatives, but there is a cash resource that many of us receive every year. It’s called the Government 4×4 Buildup Assistance Program, otherwise known as your tax refund.

The average tax refund for 2015 was $3,120, and the average refund for 2016 should be similar. We’re sure that your mind is already calculating what that could mean for your 4×4. It’s important to not frivolously waste this precious resource. You need us to help guide you! So how would we spend your tax refund? Well, quite simply, we’d spend it on us! What did you think would happen if you handed us a $3,000 check? Now, if you want to know how we would spend your tax refund on you and your 4×4, read on.